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BIO Product range

Healthy diet and nibbles at the same time!

Organic products are becoming more and more popular worldwide. It is not a coincidence. Organic foods are a lot healthier, do not contain harmful ingredients, but they are richer in vitamins and minerals compared to non-organic products. The "bio" (or "organic") prefix can only be used in the case of foodstuffs, if the raw materials are manufactured – starting from the growing/production of raw materials, through processing and manufacturing process- in a way that they fully comply with strict regulations. The Bio German wheat salty stick has obtained all necessary Hungarian and European Union certificates, which certify that the manufacturing process of our salty sticks takes place in compliance with the IFS food standards.

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What are the advantages of BIO (ORGANIC) products?

  • They are made of top quality, selected raw materials.
  • Free from preservatives.
  • No added colourings, additives.
  • Healthier cane sugar substitutes traditional granulated sugar.
  • They are made of wholegrain wheat containing valuable plant fibres and vitamins.
  • The flour is made of German wheat, which contains healthier active ingredients than traditional wheat and has a less acidifying impact on the human body.

Our BIO Products

Bio German wheat salty sticks are the company’s own organic product. German wheat contains a lot more useful nutrients than traditional wheat, while cane sugar burdens the human body to a lot less extent and it is a lot healthier than traditional whiter sugar and it is rich in minerals and trace elements.

In cooperation with Biopont we have been manufacturing organic products since 2007. Bio pretzels and Bio German wheat salty sticks are popular and considered as healthy and delicious organic nibbles.

These delicious nibbles do not contain any preservatives, additives or colourings. They easily fit in a healthy diet and become very popular among all members of the family within a short time.

Our certificates

Certificates obtained for our products and manufacturing processes are available for download under the below links in PDF format:

PDF reader is required to open these PDF files. This is a free program available from the Adobe website.